Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Urban Landscapes, Urban. stereoscopic, landscape, landscape photography, street photography, Toronto Photographer, Montreal Photographer, CDLacey


here by Colin Building on the Surreal Montreal collection, shots of city views and iconic landmarks …

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Urban, Urban Landscapes, Landscape Photography, Toronto Photographer, Surreal, Infrared, soceity6, CDLacey

Surreal Montreal

by Colin

Taken while wandering the streets of Montréal, this series aims to capture a surreal perspective of …

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Urban Landscape, Toronto Photographer, Long Exposure

Urban Nights, Urban Lights #3

by Colin

Third instalment in the “Urban Nights, Urban Lights” series. These images attempt to …

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, PEI, Canada, Landscape Photography, Toronto Photographer

Oh, Charlottetown…

by Colin

This collection of images were taken over an intense weekend where I was …

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Urban Lights Toronto

Urban Nights, Urban Lights #2

by Colin

Continuing series of city life after dark, in and around the streets of …

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Winter Fog

by Colin

These images were captured over several days in January of 2017. Wandering the …

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Winter Solstice

by Colin

Chasing the light on the darkest night. Kensington Market, Toronto (2016).

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by Colin

Love letters to those eternal golden and blue hours.

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by Colin

Scenes captured in and around the streets of Toronto, contrasting the urban landscape …

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