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One of the great things about Toronto is, when it comes to road trips (and a bit of planning), within a couple of hours you can find yourself standing in the middle a dramatically different landscape. A trip that’s becoming a favourite of mine is to the migrating birds’ paradise of Long Point Provincial Park. Only a few hours drive from the city, Long Point will transport you onto to this amazing sand peninsula surrounded by freshwater marshes that jut out into the middle of Lake Erie.

If you’ve ever been, then you’ll understand why it’s hard not to rave about Long Point. The more difficult part is deciding what makes Long Point so amazing. Is it the endless beaches? The wide open skies? Or maybe it’s the tight-knit community that has settled around man-made channels and the provincial park? Or is it the front row seats to the rough waters of Lake Erie?

My “off-season” visits have been perfect for taking in the surroundings without the crowds. With my camera in hand and wandering the beaches at night, I can easily find myself standing between this amazing stillness that envelopes the park and the forceful crashing of the waves of Lake Erie. This unique contrast doesn’t stop there – after taking a few long exposures at Long Point, I quickly realized I can capture some wicked star trails along side the wonderful “eerie glow” of urban light from Port Rowan across the bay and Erie, Pennsylvania from across the lake.

As a photographer, Long Point offers up an experience that’s hard to capture in one shot, or even one visit. Which, if I’m being honest, is what keeps bringing me back. With that, please check out the images posted in the portfolio section and let me know what you think. Also, be sure to pass along any hot leads you have for great places to shoot near Long Point!

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the full collection over on Society6!

Society6 Collection:


Great Lakes
Low Light

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